What’s the Best Tomato to Use in a BLT?

What’s the Best Tomato to Use in a BLT?


A recent Twitter discussion between two-well known food bloggers posed the simple but important question: What is the best tomato to use for a BLT?

Eater decided to do some research, and here’s how they ended up ranking the competition:

  1. Heirloom tomato. The heirloom “elevates” the BLT, ” Eater says. “The heirloom tomato’s highest calling is in a BLT sandwich. I know, I know, what about the bruschetta? The caprese salads? The fresh salsas and tomato sauces? But the depth of sweetness an heirloom offers illuminates the salty bacon and creamy mayonnaise. It was perfection.”
  2. Fried green tomato. “Fried green tomatoes make a great version of a BLT, though it’s certainly more work in a hot kitchen. The fried green tomato slices were crisp, tangy, almost lemony. It’s a great partner for bacon and mayo, subtle but still zingy enough to assert its presence.”
  3. Supermarket beefsteak tomato. “There is nothing wrong with this type of tomato in a BLT,” Eater says, calling the beefsteak “nostalgic and comforting,” and that they “would have been content with this sandwich, had I not tried the next tomato.”

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