Weird But True Criminals

Weird But True Criminals

Weird But True Criminals

Man Arrested For Riding On A Car Roof, Blowing Kisses

Videos of a joyride atop a car led to the arrest of a Tennessee thrill-seeker who won’t admit any wrongdoing, saying he was having “his own little parade.” The man in the video was identified as 31-year-old Ronnie Sellars, and he was arrested on September 5 on a disorderly conduct charge after photos of him “car-surfing” surfaced on Facebook. According to the arrest report, Sellars’ stunt lasted for about 30 miles along Interstate 40 from Wilson County to Nashville in an event he described as, “being on a surfboard going 80 miles per hour.” A witness estimated that the car was traveling approximately 70 miles per hour. He claimed he was celebrating the birthday of his wife, Amanda Miller, and she was the one driving the car. She was also arrested for reckless endangerment and driving with a suspended license.

Couple Arrested And Receive Book Review After Shoplifting In Florida

An arrest turned into a book review when an officer in Florida got a shoplifting call at a Target in Flagler County. The deputies responded to the store where they found 44-year-old Sarah Richard. She explained to the officers that her boyfriend Michael Pierce was waiting for her outside the store. Turns out that the couple had several active warrants for theft cases across Florida and they were placed under arrest at the scene. As deputies searched the couple’s car, they found a book titled “The Crime Book.” It’s advertised as being “an essential guide to criminology,” according to deputies. “Our review? Zero out of five stars,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Facebook post reads. “We would not recommend this book to anyone especially Richard or Pierce as their criminal record has proven their ‘studies’ to be a complete and total waste of their time.”

Passenger Was So Drunk When She Landed She Didn’t Think She Had Left

Imagine being so drunk on an airplane that you pass out and wake up thinking you never left. A Ryanair passenger experienced that after she was so drunk that when she landed in Ireland from Alicante she believed she was still in Spain. Ciara Bradshaw is from Limerick and was arrested when she landed at Shannon airport last month. She pleaded guilty to two charges under the Air Navigation and Transport Act for her drunkenness and verbal abuse of staff. The court heard that she had consumed “a toxic mix” of alcohol, including Bailey’s Irish Cream and Smirnoff vodka, as well as prescription medication Xanax before the flight because she was a nervous flyer. The plane captain said that the crew was worried that she was so drunk during the flight that she might put other passengers at risk. She told the court she phoned to the police station the following day to apologize. She ended up paying a fine and avoided conviction.


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