Top Travel Trends For 2020

Top Travel Trends For 2020

Top Travel Trends For 2020


There will always be folks whose ideal vacation is to find a beach, sit on a chair and not move for a week, while others love exploring historic cities, or maybe going hiking in the mountains. But there are also plenty of people who look for other options when it comes to vacations, and a new report reveals the types of vacations that are expected to be popular next year. just revealed their travel predictions for 2020 so if you’re looking for ideas you may want to listen up.

Top Travel Trends For 2020:

  • The rise of the “second city” traveler – Folks will be headed to lesser known destinations in order to reduce over tourism in more popular destinations.
  • Tech-spect the support – 59% of Americans say they are looking for technology to introduce them to surprising vacation options.
  • Slo-Mo is the new FOMO – More travelers will be interested in slowing things down and focusing on their journey rather than worrying about the possibility they may be missing out on something.
  • Discovering the “all-amusive” escape – Travelers will be looking for destinations that offer them a variety of experiences and attractions.
  • Pets in the priority lane – 42% of travelers say they’d pick a travel destination based on whether they can take their pet, so more travelers will be putting their pets needs ahead of their own when it comes to a trip.
  • Making great memories with “grand” getaways – Grandparents will use vacations to bond with their grandkids, with more of them taking trips with just their grandbabies.
  • Race to the reservation – Foodie travelers will base their vacation around whether they can get reservations at the hottest and best restaurants a destination has to offer.


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