Cher Takes Over “Tonight Show”

Cher Takes Over “Tonight Show”

Cher Takes Over “Tonight Show”


Cher took over Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, where she admitted she doesn’t mind when people impersonate her. “I don’t mind it because I have never heard anybody who did a really good one…,” she explained. “They [just] make some noises and facial expressions, and I try to find myself in there, and it’s just so much bulls**t.”

Cher also confessed to disliking karaoke, noting, “I get embarrassed to sing in front of strange people… It’s not the same [singing at a concert]!”

Host Jimmy Fallon also joined Cher in his latest segment of Lip Sync Karaoke, in which the pair attempted to lip sync a version of “Believe” sung by drunk people at a bar.

The pop star later joined the cast of her Broadway show The Cher Show to perform “I Got You Babe.”


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