Apps Every Traveler Should Have On Hand

Apps Every Traveler Should Have On Hand

Apps Every Traveler Should Have On Hand


Traveling is almost always a good time, and easier than ever thanks to the bevy of apps available to make things a little better. Here are the must-have apps to download before your next trip.

  • AirBnB – Everyone knows about this and should be using it if they’re not.
  • GeoSure – Give essential details on your destination and helps you stay safe.
  • Google Translate – More accurate than not language translator.
  • Hopper – Predict when air fares will drop with remarkable accuracy.
  • Hostel World – Your one-stop guide to hostels all over the planet.
  • Hotel Tonight – Finds great last-minute deals on unsold hotel rooms.
  • com – The best prices on hotels and with a rewards program.
  • Live ATC – Let’s you eavesdrop on air traffic control.
  • Mobile Passport – Helps you skip the line and paperwork at customs in 27 airports in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Momondo – One of the premier ways to track the best hotel and flight rates.
  • PackPoint – Helps you pack what you really need for your trip.
  • Splitwise – If you’re in a group, it tracks expenses and helps accurately divvy them up.
  • XE Currency – Converts the money for just about everywhere and tracks market rates.
  • What’s App – Free texting and calling as long as you have WiFi.
  • Zomato – A great Yelp! substitute for places that don’t have it.

Source: Thrillist



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