Pita is a teeny-tiny girl with the world’s biggest eyes! She tips the scales at just 5.2 lbs and with those peepers we’re pretty sure she can see into the future.

Despite her small stature, Pita has a big personality: she’s friendly and outgoing and loves to chatter away with everyone she meets.

If you’d love to have a pocket-sized, future-visioned cat in your life, call Woodford Humane Society at 859.873.5491! You can make an appointment to meet Pita starting at noon, 7 days a week.

Pita on AdoptAPet

Calling all bunny lovers! Momo is a sweet young rex who would love to get away from all these barking dogs and get to snuggle into his forever home.

He was pretty shy when he arrived at Woodford Humane, but Momo has come a long way and enjoys a good petting. He has never once tried to nip, even when he had just arrived, which is a testament to his sweet personality.

Woodford Humane is open by appointment only; call 859.873.5491 starting at noon 7 days a week to schedule an appointment.

Momo on AdoptAPet