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Contest Pays You & Pal To Live In A Castle And Be Pampered

  Are you the kind of person who can’t even think about starting the day without a cup of coffee? Then a new contest from coffee brand Gevalia is for you. They’re looking for their “Coffee Queen” – of any gender- and the winner gets to stay in a castle in Scotland for a week […]

The Top Google Searches Of 2019

  These days there’s no reason to be clueless about anything thanks to Google searches, and it seems each year there are some searches that are more popular than others. Well, Google has just released their annual Year In Search report, and apparently a lot of folks were interested in possible UFOs, because the top […]

11 Hangups That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Your Best Life

  YOU’RE IN A COMFORT ZONE. Maybe you do just what’s required to get by. Maybe you’re always putting off those goals that lie just outside of your comfort zone. The problem with comfort zones is that they can seriously hold you back by making it feel okay for you to never challenge yourself. It’s […]

IHOP to Open a Fast Casual Restaurant Called “Flip’d”

  IHOP is taking aim at younger and more urban breakfast customer with a new fast casual restaurant called Flip’d, CNN reports. Unlike a regular IHOP, Flip’d will feature limited seating and all of the IHOP-inspired menu items will be ready for customers to take and eat on the go, including pancake bowls, egg sandwiches, […]

Talking Heads Join Instagram & Fans Are Already Lining Up for Reunion Tour

  Talking Heads joined Instagram on Monday with the handle @talkingheadsofficial, according to Billboard. Almost immediately, fans started speculating about a possible reunion and upcoming tour. 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of their album Remain in the Light, which contains the band’s biggest hit, “Once in a Lifetime.” Jerry Harrison, keyboardist for the band, has already announced […]

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