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Man Has Rare Sleep Disorder That Makes Him Act Out His Dreams

  How would you like to sleep next to someone who can’t tell if they’re sleeping or actually living in a dream? That’s what life is like for one Ohio woman and her husband who suffers from a rare sleep disorder. It’s called REM behavioral sleep disorder and it allows people to act out on their […]

The Best Gift Cards For 2019

  Although they are often looked at as the easy way out when it comes to giving presents, gift cards are more popular than ever during the holidays. But if you’re going to forgo thinking of the perfect gift for a friend and instead get them a gift card you’re going to want to at […]

Inmate Claims He Served His Life Sentence Because He Briefly Died

  66-year-old Benjamin Schreiber is very much alive, but that hasn’t stopped him from using his death as a way of explaining that he actually served his life sentence for murder. When Shreiber collapsed in his prison cell in 2015, doctors had to resuscitate him five times, which technically means that he died for a […]

Airports Exploring Ways to Get Passengers Exercising During Waits & Layovers

Airports are installing mile markers and opening gyms and yoga rooms to provide exercise amenities for travelers, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some passengers enjoy the idea of having the chance to move and stretch before sitting in a small space for hours. “I’m frequently traveling and lose whole days where I can’t do any […]