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New In Theaters This Weekend

  “The Aeronauts,” Rated PG-13 A pilot and scientist have to fight for their lives after setting off on a historic hot air balloon expedition. Starring: Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Himesh Patel   “Playmobil: The Movie,” Rated PG A young woman is on a quest to find her missing younger brother, winding up on an epic […]

Fried Chicken Scented Fireplace Logs

  It’s that magical time of the year when you can make your house smell like KFC chicken. KFC is back with their popular 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog! While supplies last, you can order the Enviro-Log/KFC created logs exclusively at They cost $18.99 and include free two-day shipping. Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. chief […]

Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself

  Getting motivated can be difficult. The winter blues, work and life stress, or just being in a funk are hard to shake off. “PopSugar” has come up with tips to help you get refreshed and motivated. Think “new year, new you!” Here are a few: Visualize yourself reaching your goals Try something new today […]

High School Fake Baby Project Freaks Students Out

  Learning about life by taking care of a baby was both brutal on some Ontario students and hysterically funny for their teacher. Andrea Lefebvre sent her Chippewa Secondary School, Ontario class home with pre-programmed baby dolls for their Raising Healthy Children class. The Real Care babies were set to “demand” what they needed at all different […]

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