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What Are the Most Checked-Out Library Books of All Time?

  Ever wonder which books get checked out the most at your local library? Well, the New York Public Library system recently wondered just that, crunching the numbers on their own circulation data to compile a list of the 10 most checked-out tomes in their 125-year history: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats: 485,583 checkouts […]

Sales of “Friends” DVDs Surge Amid Temporary Streaming Blackout

  As has been widely reported, the still-popular sitcom Friends is in the midst of a five-month streaming drought as the show shifts from Netflix to HBO Max. But diehard fans are unwilling to wait, as many have dusted off their old DVD boxed sets and even purchased cheap DVD players to keep watching reruns on-demand before […]

The Cheapest Weekends to Book a Hotel in 2020

  Hotwire just took a look at historical booking data for hotels to predict the cheapest weekends to stay in a hotel in 2020, and the results will almost definitely surprise you. To that end, holiday weekends actually represent some of the more affordable days to put yourself up at a hotel. Below is Hotwire’s […]

Experts Say Skipping Your Flu Shot is “Just Not Smart”

  Over 10 million Americans have already gotten the flu this season, and experts expect the various strains of the virus to circulate well into April, UPI reports. Officials say that because of that, you still have time to protect yourself. “It’s absolutely not too late to get the flu shot,” Sam Torbati of Cedars-Sinai […]

Greatest of All Time Tournament Champion

    Ken Jennings won round four of the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time Tournament on Tuesday, and along with officially claiming the GOAT title, he walked away with the $1 million top prize, The New York Post reports. In the final match, Jennings finished the first half with $65,600 to Holzhauer’s $34,181 and Rutter’s zero. But Holzhauer […]

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