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Oscar Ratings Fall to All-Time Low

  23.6 million people watched the Oscars on Sunday. That sounds like a lot of viewers, but its actually the smallest television audience for the Oscars in the show’s history! In 2019, 29.56 watched, which means 20 percent fewer people tuned in this year.

People Who Leave Work at 5pm Have Happier Lives

  In a recent study, they found that people who work extra hours are hurting their social, mental and physical life! The study also found that working extra hours doesn’t really help your job! Every extra hour is less productive than the one before. Those who work extra hours also have more stress which can […]

Janet Jackson to Perform at the KFC Yum! Center

  Janet Jackson kicks off her Black Diamond World Tour this summer! The show will feature new music from her highly anticipated, forthcoming album “Black Diamond”, set for release this year. She will also perform songs from her 12 multi-platinum albums including a special performance of Rhythm Nation 1814, which recently marked its 30th Anniversary. […]

The Truth About Online Dating In America

  Thanks to dating apps, looking for love is easier than ever before, although finding it is a whole other story. So, how many people are actually looking for love online? According to a new Pew Research survey: 30% of Americans say they have used an online dating site or app. 18% are currently looking […]

You Can Finally Disable Trailer Autoplay On Netflix

  Any Netflix user has been subjected to the annoyance of those trailers that automatically play while you’re scrolling around looking for something to watch…even if you pause for just a second. Netflix has heard your complaints, and now there’s a way to shut them down. Sign into your account Click on your profile, and […]

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