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Haircut Night In America

  “Haircut Night In America” will air Friday at 8pm on CBS. It is a one-hour special, hosted by Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn.  The show will feature top hairstylists showing you how to do a haircut from home. Celebrities will model hair from Kelly Osbourne, Olympian Lindsey Vonn, PK Subban, and more.

Minor League Baseball Team Lists Stadium on Airbnb

  Want to stay the night at a baseball stadium? The Pensacola Blue Wahoos have listed their baseball stadium on Airbnb. Guests can use the team clubhouse, batting cage and field, and will get a batting practice setup. They can sleep in a bedroom in the stadium. The cost is $1,500.    

NETFLIX plans to cut inactive subscribers

  On Thursday, NETFLIX announced that they plan on cutting inactive members. They will send out emails to inactive members to give them a heads up. If they don’t hear back, their NETFLIX account will be deactivated. Less than one half of one percent of total subscribers are considered inactive right now.  

Chain To Close Many Of Their Stores

    Victoria’s Secret says it’s closing a quarter of its stores in North America in the coming month. According to L Brands (who owns the chain), they plan on closing 250 stores, and maybe more in the future. L Brands, also owns Bath & Body Works, and they plan on closing 50 stores.   […]

Friends to Release Official Cookbook

Friends the Offical Cookbook, written by Amanda Nicole Yee,  will be out on September 22. The cookbook features over 90 recipes inspired by Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross & Chandler. Along with dozens of dishes served in the show. Plus every recipe will be paired with an episode, so you can eat and watch the show […]