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11-Year-Old Sidewalk Salesman Holds Up “Ice Cold Beer

  On Tuesday in Brigham City, Utah, 11-year-old Seth Parker set up a cooler on the sidewalk in front of his home and held up a sign advertising “ICE COLD BEER.” It wasn’t long before three passersby called the police on the boy. But when the cops showed up, they noticed Seth had written “root” […]

Bruce Springsteen’s “His Hometown” Exhibit to Showcase 150 Rare Items

    More than 150 rare items connected to Bruce Springsteen will be on display when the Springsteen: His Hometown exhibit opens in Freehold, New Jersey, this fall. Billboard reports that featured items will include the original color poster from Springsteen’s first band, The Castiles, a personal scrapbook made by the singer’s mother and the 1801 document […]

Best-Selling Artists of All Time

Mental Floss has compiled a list of the 50 best-selling musical artists of all time. Here are the top 10 (see full list by clicking here): The Beatles. Albums sold: 183 million. Garth Brooks. Albums sold: 148 million. Elvis Presley. 146.5 million. Eagles. Albums sold: 120 million. Led Zeppelin. Albums sold: 111.5 million. Billy Joel. Albums sold: 84.5 million. Michael Jackson. Albums […]

Dancing Is Good for People’s Hearts & Minds

  It’s no secret that dancing is a fun way to get exercise, but two recent studies show that it’s also really good for people’s hearts and minds. The first study, published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that moderate-intensity dancing was more effective than walking for reducing the risk of dying from heart […]