U.S. NATIONAL GUARD HISTORY – 12/13/17: Nat’L Guard Birthday!!

U.S. NATIONAL GUARD HISTORY – 12/13/17: Nat’L Guard Birthday!!

On December 13 of 1636, a direct declaration by the Massachusetts General Court established for the first time in the American Colonies an official militia.

The resolution required that all able-bodied men from age 16 to 60 were expected to join. While less-organized militia existed at the time, this legal document brought them together under a formal establishment.

This organization today is known as the National Guard.

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The Massachusetts Bay Colony established three regiments designated East, South, and North. Older than the United States itself, the National Guard maintains roots in Massachusetts with the 101st Engineer Battalion (formerly East Regiment),

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the 101st Field Artillery (South Regiment), and the 181st Infantry and the 182nd Infantry Regiments (North Regiment).

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After the United States was formed and the country grew, each state established its own militia. The term National Guard was not the official name until 1933.
While National Guard was used by some states before this time, individual state militia had various titles ranging from Mississippi’s State Guard to Indiana Legion.

After World War II, the Air National Guard was created as a component of the newly established United States Airforce.

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Today, approximately 350,000 men and women serve in the National Guard and the Air National Guard, 39% of the Army’s operational force.

National Guard Soldiers serve both community and country.

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Our versatility enables us to respond to domestic emergencies, overseas combat missions, counter-drug efforts, reconstruction missions and more.

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The Guard always responds with speed, strength and efficiency, helping to defend American freedom and ideals.

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