Thanksgiving “stuff'” for National Stuffing Day – ENJOY!!

Thanksgiving “stuff'” for National Stuffing Day – ENJOY!!


Thanksgiving can be a special time to see family and other people that you love.

thanksgiving turkey
It can also be a time of dealing with constant questions from the relatives about why you’re not doing enough with your life.
Do any of these questions sound familiar?

Are you dating anyone?
When are you getting married?
When are you going to finally have kids?
Any luck finding a job?
What job can you get with that degree? What’s your fallback plan?
How’s that new diet and/or exercise plan going?
Have you gained/lost weight?
Why do you look different?

thanksgiving cooks retro - women
So … What questions are you dreading this Thanksgiving?
Have you already come up with your witty responses?

Going over the river and through the woods?

Traffic jam
Traffic is going to be brutal … Sorry for the bad news, but according to the American Automobile Association, more travelers will be hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday than we’ve seen in more than a decade. An estimated 45.5 million Americans will be traveling by car, up from last year – and the highest levels seen since 2005. Because of this, transportation officials believe there will be record traffic delays in some of the country’s biggest cities. You’ve been warned.

Holiday slacking


Don’t feel much like working today? You are definitely not alone. With Thanksgiving and a four-day weekend just around the corner, it’s hard to keep your mind on your job. In fact, one-third of managers say productivity is always down during the week leading up to a major holiday. The reason most gave is that this time of year is generally less busy, and employees tend to have more things going on outside of work, like family gatherings and parties.

So Hot Cheetos turkeys are a thing

chetos turkey 2

cheetos turkey

Yep, if you need to spice up your Thanksgiving this year, Reynolds (as in Reynolds wrap) has a recipe where your crush up Hot Cheetos in a food processor, then coat your bird with them … over a layer of butter, of course.

Believe it or not, some people are charging family members for Thanksgiving dinner.


There are a few stories swirling around on social media about people charging friends and family a cover charge to sit down at the table. On one hand, it makes sense. Food is expensive. Everybody chipping in seems reasonable. On the other hand, c’mon … totally ridiculous. Totally uncool. Especially if the host is turning a profit.

Don’t volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving

soup kitchen

Even if you’re inspired to give back this Thanksgiving by volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank, charity experts suggest that you stay home – and choose to volunteer on a different day. Many charities – especially small ones – can be overwhelmed when a bunch of first-time volunteers show up. It takes time to train people. And on Thanksgiving, there’s just no time. The best way to help is to make a long-term commitment to volunteering … and not start that commitment on Thanksgiving Day.

The calories in a Thanksgiving meal

counting calories

While everyone is different, many Americans will be consuming several days’ worth of calories on Thanksgiving. Between the turkey, the side dishes, the beverages and the desserts, a typical holiday dinner alone has 3,150 calories – and then people keep eating and can nibble through another 1,500 calories after the big meal. That means you could be going to bed on Thanksgiving night with more than 4,500 calories in your belly.


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