HOW to properly fly a kite!! (Feb. 8th, 2018)

HOW to properly fly a kite!! (Feb. 8th, 2018)

It’s National Kite Flying Day 
Go outside and fly a kite if weather permits. If not, make one inside. In some parts of the country, the time of year may make it difficult to fly a kite.

There are kite festivals at various periods of the year. Use today to scout out those festivals and make a plan to join in. Use #NationalKiteFlyingDay to post on social media.
Tips for Getting Your Kite Up in the Air and Keeping it There:

Be sure the kite is assembled correctly.
Check the wind. Some kites require more wind and others less. Picking the right day for your kite is key. A light breeze (5-20 mph) is generally optimal.
Be safe. Don’t fly the kite near power lines, trees or other sky high obstacles. Wide open spaces are best.
Be safer. Don’t fly in the rain.
When launching the kite, be sure to have your back to the wind. If the wind is light, have a friend hold the kite down wind and hold your line taught, reeling in slowly until the kite launches.
Don’t let the line out too quickly. Let the line out at the same pace the kite is gaining altitude.



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