Weekend Lineup

Weekend Lineup

Beatles Brunch hosted by Joe Johnson

Saturday 8am-9am

Beatles music, fun, games and more!

Live From the 60s with The Real Don Steele

Saturday 9am-12pm

A time warp featuring music & events from the 60s.

America’s Greatest Hits with Scott Shannon

Saturday 12pm-4pm

Interviews, Countdowns, one-hit wonders & more.

Retromix with Christian Wheel

Saturday 7pm-12am

Biggest hits from the 80s.

Casey Kasem’s 70s Countdown

Sunday 8am-11am

Relive the 70s all over again as we revive the original airings of Casey Kasem’s 70s Countdown.


Sunday 11am-3pm

Dick Bartley’s Classic Hits

Sunday 6pm-10pm

Featuring interviews, countdowns, trivia & more.

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Cravers Hall Of Fame

Cravers Hall Of Fame

  Are you a big fan of White Castle? Here is your chance to be added to their Cravers Hall of Fame! Those who are accepted will be added to the 2020 class of the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame. They will also have their stories posted on White Castle restaurant packaging, and get […]
Paul McCartney Says He Sued The Beatles in 1970

Paul McCartney Says He Sued The Beatles in 1970

  In a recent interview with British GQ, Paul McCartney shared that he sued The Beatles in 1970 because it was the only way to save the band.  At the time, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr all wanted to make a man named Allen Klein their manager. Paul thought that Klein was an […]
Some Big Brother Contestants Had COVID-19 & Were Cut

Some Big Brother Contestants Had COVID-19 & Were Cut

  Big Brother: All-Stars premieres tonight, August 5, on CBS at 9pm. Host, Julie Chen confirmed that some contestants for the new season were cut because they tested positive for the coronavirus. She also said that all the contestants were quarantined and “constantly” tested before being put in the official house. She still doesn’t know […]
Nestle’s Hocus Pocus Cookie Dough

Nestle’s Hocus Pocus Cookie Dough

  Nestle’s new Hocus Pocus cookie dough is available at Meijer & Walmart. It is oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough with chocolate morsels and candy-coated gems. The gems come in 3 colors: orange, purple, and yellow.