Robert Lindsey

Robert Lindsey

Robert is about as Kentucky as they come – he has worked throughout the bluegrass and is even a descendant of Daniel Boone. He has ventured to TN, FL and CA, but returned back to Lexington, Kentucky where he purchased a car repair business. While driving a customer’s vehicle, he came across Passport radio and it took him back to when he was younger. Now he spends time on Saturday taking Passport listeners on a trip to the past.

Tune in every Saturday 10am-2pm to relive the hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Favorite artist of all time: No way to answer that, there really are far too many
Favorite song of all time: It keeps changing as I keep coming across great songs every Saturday
Favorite movie of all time: Wyatt Earp, the Kevin Costner version of course
Favorite book of all time: Several of Coach Rick Pitino’s books while @ UK, & several of Cawood Ledford’s books because I was mentioned in them because I spent 23 days living on a billboard , 50 feet in the air till UK hired a basketball coach in 1989.
Favorite TV show of all time: The Sopranos
Favorite part of working at Passport radio: The music of course
Hobbies: Politics, current events, history

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