Lady K.

Lady K.

Ms. Kristie P. hails from Chicago, IL but has made her home here in Frankfort, KY. Born to be the next Oprah but afraid of what ALL that money and fame would do to her, she settled for living just above the poverty line and sharing only her voice through radio. “Radio is such a great outlet for each of my 10(and counting) personalities!” Ms. Kristie P. was part of the 1490 WFKY family many moons ago and is eager to reconnect with old fans and make some new ones.

Favorite Artist of All Time: Luther Vandross

Favorite Song of All Time: There’s Nothing Better than Love by Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines

Favorite Movie of All Time: When a Stranger Calls

Favorite Book of All Time: Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon

Favorite TV Show of All Time: Frasier

Favorite part about working at Passport Radio: Being on the Air baby!!!

Hobbies: watching pointless, drama-filled reality tv…’s delicious

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By Amy Shira Teitel There was no shortage of threats facing Apollo astronauts on missions to the Moon. Like radiation. Specifically, the dense radiation environment of the Van Allen belts that surround our planet. When it launched Apollo missions through the Van Allen belts on a path to the Moon, NASA didn’t just hope for […]


Storm plunged into the water, swam out to the fawn, and dragged it back to shore. Storm then used his paw to nudge the deer to make sure she was alive. Amazingly, Freely captured the whole thing on video. An animal rescue team took the deer to a nearby shelter, where it’s being treated. Once the […]

Music & Entertainment News – Wednesday 7/19/17

A former Miss Kentucky appears set to go from beauty contest stages to a prison cell after she was indicted earlier this month for trying to smuggle drugs into a Lima, Ohio prison. On May 26th, 28-year-old Kia B. Hampton of Louisville, Kentucky, was busted trying to smuggle 2.82 grams of marijuana in the Allen-Oakwood […]