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Put Your Burrito in a Mug Instead of on a Plate

  Forget about a plate or using your hands, the easiest, least messy way to eat a burrito is by stuffing it in a mug. Lifehacker argued that it allows the burrito eater to take breaks between bites and do other things with their hands aside from just holding the burrito. It also prevents the […]

ZZ Top Musical Headed to Las Vegas In 2020

  A new rock musical based on the music ZZ Top will open in Las Vegas next year. According to Billboard, Sharp Dressed Man is described as “an outrageous, bawdy musical romp about a Lone Star auto mechanic who becomes a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing hearts–and car parts–with the help of his merry band of beer drinkers and […]

Howard Stern Wishes He Could Apologize to Robin Williams for ’90s Interview

  Howard Stern has regrets over things he said–and didn’t say–to Robin Williams when he appeared on the radio host’s show in the ’90s. Stern told Rolling Stone that the interview, in which he mocked the comedian about a cheating scandal, still “haunts” him. “I was so angry at the world. I love Robin Williams, and yet if […]

Tom Hanks Teases “Toy Story 4”’s Emotional Ending

  Tom Hanks has revealed that the ending of Toy Story 4 will be a tearjerker for fans. “This is the end of the series, and I had gotten some texts from Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear ‘the astronaut,’” the actor said on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “These texts would say, ‘Have you recorded yet? […]

NASA’s Releases Plans For Permanent Moon Base

Now the world knows how the U.S. will create a permanent base on the moon and how many rockets will head there. Internal documents show that NASA expects to launch 37 rockets to the moon within the next 10 years and half will carry astronauts. The plans call for a rover to be deployed in […]