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Music & Entertainment News – Friday 10/20/17

The LAPD has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that Harvey Weinstein raped a woman in 2013. According to TMZ, the woman is an Italian model/actress who claims Weinstein forced her way into her hotel room, repeatedly asked to see her naked, then grabbed her by the hair, yanked her into the bathroom and assaulted […]

Music & Entertainment News – Thursday 10/19/17

Billy Joel will once again ring in the New Year on December 31st at the BBT Center in Sunrise, Florida (near Miami). Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton‏ tweets: “A Tom Petty song came on the radio today. I had a moment of being glad but then sad knowing I’ll never get to see him live again. […]

Facts about Friday The 13th

As is once again a reality, you might be planning on avoiding mirrors, ladders and walking over drains. Friday the 13th. The ominous date, perhaps only second in the calendar spooky stakes to Halloween, has long been fear fodder for horror films. It even has its own franchise: 12 slasher movies featuring fictional killers Freddy […]